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  • Cloud Mining for Dummies

    Those fans of cryptocurrency who are not much sophisticated in technical issues, generally choose cloud mining. That would save costs for electricity and prevent from monotonous noise of hardware equipment. Let’s take a closer look at this way of earnings. What is cloud mining? In plain language, “mining in a cloud” means gaining digital coins […]

  • Cloud Mining Reviews

    Cloud services for mining appeared only a few years ago and became an effective tool for the production of cryptocurrency, significantly expanding the horizons of the technology application due to the possibility of remote lease of computing power without the need to personally monitor the equipment’s operation, power supply and configuration. During choosing a company […]

  • Why Cloud Mining?

    Almost every active Internet user already knows about Bitcoin. Among a large number of cryptocurrency, it was and remains the unchallenged leader, the mining of which guarantees a solid profit. However, as Bitcoin became popularized, the process of production became more and more expensive and complicated. The market has developed specialized services that take advantage […]


It is our other project- Journal about everything on the Initial Coin Offering topic! You can find there everything you should know about ICO. We will explain the basics of ICO, starting from the explanation of the term to the tools you should use choosing the proper offering. We analyze ICO market on the daily basis providing you with the best offerings. Enjoy!