Cloud Mining Reviews

Cloud services for mining appeared only a few years ago and became an effective tool for the production of cryptocurrency, significantly expanding the horizons of the technology application due to the possibility of remote lease of computing power without the need to personally monitor the equipment’s operation, power supply and configuration.

During choosing a company to invest in cloud mining, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to user reviews, the service life and the adequacy of the offer. Adequacy means that the payback period of investments can not be less than 6-12 months.

Cloud mining list

The availability of various specialized sites offering their own terms and capacities of cloud mining allows making the right choice in a specific situation, based on the conditions for mining bitcoins, their accumulation and payment. A document confirming the cooperation is a contract in which the rules established by the service are specified. Due to the large number of virtual companies offering cloudy cryptocurrency, it is difficult for inexperienced novice users to make a choice. Below is a list of the most popular services that deserve positive reviews from customers.

Best cloud mining companies

    This service is a hit among the sites for cloud mining. Thanks to it, each can crane any cryptocurrency online, even those that have not yet gained wide popularity. The service is not only profitable, but also stable, which is a rarity in this industry.
    Perhaps, this project can be rightfully considered as one of the most reliable in the field of mining. Offers an unlimited contract for mining using the SHA-256 algorithm. However, the mine by the algorithms Ethash, X11, Scrypt, ZCASH and Cryptonight (Monero) can be under the contract, calculated for 2 years. Each can withdraw earnings when he accumulates not less than 0.0015 BTC, the output is automatic and no commission required.
  • CCG
    It is fast growing cloud mining service founded in 2016 but not inferior to the titans of cloud mining companies. There are different contracts, that also quite convenient. Each can take from 100 GH/s, and mine without the specified term of the tariff. The minimum amount to output 0.001 bitcoins. User can withdraw funds to BTC-purse, VISA/MasterCard, OKPAY, or use any bank transfer.

Cloud mining review 2018

Investing in cloud mining of cryptocurrency is the most reasonable option to preserve and increase cryptocurrency assets in 2018. Today, cloudy production of cryptocurrency is the most advanced and promising way to organize joint investment in the generation of transaction blocks, which in time will supplant home farms and later small pools. Low entrance threshold, high incomes and lack of need for special knowledge make it attractive for a wide range of investors. Everyone with access to the Internet can invest here today, which means that within 1-2 years the industry will grow 5-10 times. The ability to receive instant, unlimited investments and guaranteed commissions allow the services to scale their capacities with virtually no restrictions.

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