Where is better to start cloud mining?

Mining with cloud technology is a phenomenon that is gaining popularity. The essence of the method is simple – instead of getting coins from personal home equipment, the user buys computing power of large cloud services. Data centers of such companies are mostly often located in countries with cheap electricity and a non-humid climate.

It did not come immediately to the cloud-mining. At the dawn of the development of the Crypto-currency and the standard average PC brought a good income. Then, the miners began to collect entire farms from large number of devices, pooled and extracted the cryptocurrency jointly. This approach initially requires large investments and not the fact that they will pay off.

Today, when the complexity of mining has grown by an order of magnitude and monopolization of large mining farms with huge computing capacities, it is reasonable looking for a new methods of earning money. In this case, cloudy mining comes to the rescue.

The company that offers cloud mining services, as a rule, goes through several stages:

  1. First, the necessary equipment is purchased and configured.
  2. Site that attracts the clientswill be developed. It specifies the conditions for concluding contracts, price for services, basic information about the company.
  3. The user registers on the site, chooses the appropriate option and rents the necessary amount of computing power.
  4. With a favorable combination of circumstances, everyone makes a profit.


  • during mining the equipment is constantly rustling, the buildings are overheating in summer, fabulous electric bills come. In cloud-based mining, all this is not a minor issue;
  • there is no constant noise, and the equipment does not emit heat;
  • there is no fully working equipment – the counter does not wind up fabulous accounts;
  • low entry threshold – some contracts can be purchased even for a couple of dollars;
  • no need to worry that the equipment becomes obsolete and will have to be resold;
  • a quick start – bought a contract, a mine.

Best cloud mining services

    • HashFlare Top service, specializing in mining in the cloud for various types of cryptocurrency, foremost for bitcoins. For moderate prices it offers good support, a plain interface and regular automatic payments. A pleasant bonus is that the tariff plans are not restricted in time – so each user can make profit as long as it is possible. Price proposals are extremely attractive, in fact – the best in the market.
    • Hashing24 The team of Hashing24 professionals has been participating in the mining field since 2012, continuously studying the bitcoins market, keeping abreast of the main events and following all the new innovations, is ready to help realize any wishes and share their valuable knowledge. To begin with, Hashing24 is not a pure mining, but a reseller of mining capacities and there are confirmations of official cooperation with the BitFury – Bitcoin giant. In simple words, this service buys the mining capacity in the data centers of BitFury for the money of its customers, divides the received income by the maintenance fee, its commission and the rest remains to their customers. It may seem that it is not so profitable, but this is some kind of guarantee of reliability. The fee for support is high, it’s true, the yield is obtained in the end on the fact of about 50-60% per annum, but it’s better than investing in scammers who promise 400% per annum and eventually lose the money.
    • Genesis Mining One of the world’s largest mining companies, engaged in the production of ASIC-processors, and in cryptocurrency business. Genesis Mining has been successfully operating in the cloud-mining business since 2013 and does not fail its customers. There is a 3% discount and promo code R47wGJ. The minimum contract – the term is limited to one contract and is not limited to others. Profitability from 60% per annum (profitability depends on the volume of purchased capacity, the larger the volume, the lower the price). Payback period of 10 months (depending on the type of contract, subject to reinvestment of profit in the purchase of new capacities).
    • Bitmain is a well-known manufacturer of asics AntMiner and has own mining pool Antpool as well. There each user can select the miner where tokens will be mined. Service differs from other ones of cloud mining with its classic form. The site is more like an exchange, where users can not only rent computing power, but also offer their own for a fee. Each can cancel his lease at any time and will not need to pay any fines. The choice of a variety of algorithms – from the most popular to the less one.
    • CCG Mining The site has all the necessary contacts, and quite extensive information about the company. The service offers the opportunity to earn only the most profitable cryptocurrency, guarantees 100% continuous operation. Profit depends also on the rate of the cryptocurrency itself. The higher the rate, the greater, respectively, be the profit. The company will work long and stable, because it started only in 2016, and the cryptocurrency is now in the trend, and this will continue for a long time.
    • Minergate A popular pool for mining a large number of cryptocurrencies. In the cloud, the service provides the opportunity to mine Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum. And the user decides how much money to invest in the contract. The minimum amount is 20 Gh / s. Mining will start on the day after contract will be paid. The reward is counted every day. It deducts the commission for paying electricity and maintaining the equipment. If within 3 days the profit does not come, and accordingly there is no money for the commission, the contract is canceled. Minergate is a company with a 6-year history. Data service dots are equipped with popular ASIC-miners on the market.
    • Eobot  One of the oldest companies represented in the cloud mining market. There are more than 20 systems, which means that user will be able to obtain a variety of types of cryptocurrency. The algorithms SHA-256 and Scrypt are used. To find out how much user have already managed to earn, he can see in the personal office, where the information is displayed every minute. Separately, it should be noted that the contract can be you signed from several days to several years, but not more than five. Client can receive payments in any cryptocurrency type. In addition, there is an opportunity to create a multicurrency purse, and also to collect the pool and mining with the use of MyPool program.

Black list of cloud mining services

There is no wonder that the most number of mining services are HYIPs. There may be suspiciously profitable propositions like: unreal amount of cryptocurrency payouts, a stolen design, a leaky script, insurance at the very start etc. This is the list of the most unscrupulous mining services:

      • – Minecloud.io;
      • – Bellatrixform;
      • – Alrest Real Estate;
      • – FLEEX;
      • – BitMi;
      • – VixIce;
      • – CryptoBit;
      • – HashCoin;
      • – Vixice;
      • – Shreemine.

Our choice where is better to start

As there is a huge interest in cryptocurrency, cloud-based mining services are now offered by many companies. However, their choice should be approached very carefully. Otherwise, client can not only wont get the profit, but also not return the invested funds. It is necessary to monitor the functioning services, to search the network with real user feedbacks.

However, several sites have already been considered, such as Genesis Mining, HashFlare and CCG Mining, which have already proven their own reliability. Like all bona fide services, they exist on the market for at least a year. In addition, at these sites user can find photos, and sometimes video equipment, which is undergoing mining. A big plus of the services is that they have their own pool, to which they can connect devices and cannibalize coins, so users can accurately make sure that the services does not sell air, but really own the necessary equipment. Each of these platforms have company’s technical support service, which promptly answers all questions.

What to look choosing a cloud-based service?

      • – how long the market works;
      • – how fully information is presented and companies, owners, equipment;
      • – tariffs and profitability of contracts.